Youth Define : Shape Our Future (UTeM)

Had you think what happen in Malaysia 10 years later? What do want? What you can give to Malaysia? 

'Youth Define: Shape Our Future' is a programme organize by myHarapan & Ministry of Higher Education to spread the knowledge and awareness for the Youth on 'Economic Transformation Programme(GTP)', 'Government Transformation Programme'(GTP), 'National Key Economic Area (NKEA)' & 'National Key Result Area (NKRA)'.

What do you understand of that terms? What the Hecks of that?? Right?....

YES.! its very few Youth even people know about that specifically. Even me, what I know, it is a Government Agenda to improvise the National Economical and the give Malaysia for the Best Result in overall.

I've been invite to attend that programme today at Universiti Teknologi Melaka (UTeM). Its quite interesting and happening event. A few picture I'd capture:
Event going on

A few Student Outcome Project

One of the Project, www.siswaniaga.com
I would like to highlight a few improtant thing that you actually need to know this. Why? Because the government had set a target to achieve this thing in some few years. Then, what should you do is, what ever are you doing, try to relate it to one of the ETP / GTP / NKRA / NKEA. So, direct or indirectly you are contributing to Malaysia. 
The 6 focus area in NKRA are:
1) Reducing the crime rate

2) Curbing and Fighting Corruption.
3) Providing Better Acces To Affordable and Quality Education for the People.
4) Raising the living standards of the poor. 5) Improving the Infratracture and services in rural Areas.
6) Improving the public Transportation. 

That all I can share today..see u next.=)


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